Stormwater Management Plan

The Stormwater Management Plan identifies several new goals in addition to continuance of current practices.
Stormwater Management Plan Report
Stormwater Management Plan Appendices

The Stormwater management plan includes the conditions required by s. NR 216.07, Wis. Adm. Code, which consists of the following six categories, or minimum control measures:
• Public Education and Outreach
• Public Involvement and Participation
• Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
• Construction Site Pollutant Control
• Post-Construction Storm Water Management
• Pollution Prevention 

In addition, the Stormwater Management Plan includes the following compliance elements:
• TMDL Pollutant Load Reduction Evaluation
• WLA Attainment Analysis
• Establishment of WLA Attainment Benchmarks
• Fecal Coliform Reduction Efforts

Stormwater Management Criteria and Review Checklist
Construction Site Erosion Control Criteria and Review Checklist