2022 Projects

Upcoming Projects Map

Please view the Glendale Projects Map for upcoming projects in Glendale. We will update the public on projects by posting project links below. 

WisDOT Projects

WisDOT Upcoming Projects Map 

I-43 URT project

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), as part of the I-43 URT (Union Refrigerator Transit Line) project, is reconstructing and re-aligning and lowering the freeway profile of 1.5 miles of I-43, between Capitol Drive and north of Hampton Avenue. This project includes, reconstructing several bridges, adding retaining walls, improving traffic signals, and replacing noise walls within the project limits. For more information, please visit I-43 URT Improvements.

  • The following work is scheduled to begin in 2022:
    • I-43 between Silver Spring Drive and Capitol Drive reduced to two lanes, in each direction, early spring through late fall 
    • I-43 SOUTH exit to Green Bay Avenue to close in fall through late 2023   
  • The following work is scheduled to begin in 2023:
    • Green Bay Avenue northbound entrance to I-43 SOUTH to close in fall   
    • I-43 NORTH exit to Green Bay Avenue/Capitol Drive to close in fall   
    • I-43 from Capitol Drive to Silver Spring Drive reduced to two lanes, in each direction, early spring through late fall 
    • Port Washington Road from Glendale Road to Hampton Avenue reduced to one lane early spring.
  • Updates: 

The I-43 North-South Project located between Silver Spring Drive and WIS 60 

Please view the I-43 North-South Schedule for the I-43 North-South Project, Silver Spring Drive to WIS 60.

(Currently in the early engineering design phase. Below, video animations present the upcoming improvements). 

Capital Projects

2022 Glendale Sewer Lining & Manhole Rehabilitation Project

2022 Glendale Sewer Lining & Manhole Rehabilitation Map

  • Sewer lining has been completed
  • Manhole lining to begin November 2022

I-43/Port Washington Rd/Jean Nicolet Rd - 2022 Watermain Program
City of Glendale is preparing to replace aging watermain in preparation of the 2023 I-43 construction project. The watermain replacement occurs on:

  • Port Washington Rd. from Bender Rd. to Coventry Ct
  • Jean Nicolet Rd. from Fairfield Ct. to Daphne Rd.
  • Fairfield Ct from 200ft east of Elm Tree Rd to Jean Nicolet Rd.

Along with the watermain replacement, other utilities such as gas and electric will also be working in the project area. There will be expected traffic impacts as part of the utility construction projects. Upcoming traffic impacts due to the utility construction work for the next two-weeks are noted below. Please follow all traffic signs and be cautious when traveling through the work zone. The utility construction work is expected to begin mid-September and go through the end of December 2022.

Once the Utility construction work is nearing completion, the Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation (DOT) I-43 project will begin. More information regarding the DOT’s project can be found here: https://projects.511wi.gov/43north-south/full-project-overview/

Utility Construction Schedule:

Below is brief summary of what to expect in the upcoming weeks for the utility construction work occurring along Port Washington Rd and Jean Nicolet Rd. Dates provided are subject to change due to bad weather, etc.

Port Washington Rd (Bender Rd. to Coventry Ct.)

  • Late afternoon on Wednesday December 7th, work will occur at the southeast corner of the intersection of Port Washington and Bender Rd. Work is expected to maintain one lane of traffic in each direction.
  • ***Night time full closures expected night of Wednesday December 14th and Thursday December 15th. Full closure will include Port Washington Rd AND Bender Rd while watermain work is occurring in the intersection. Traffic is expected to resume as normal during daytime hours. More details regarding closure and detour routes will be sent out next week. Closure hours will be between 9:00pm and 6:00am.

Jean Nicolet Rd (Fairfield Ct. to Daphne Rd.)

  • Jean Nicolet Rd is expected to open back up next week. Asphalt is scheduled for early next week. Watermain work will continue in the area completing the side street connections and water services.
  • Sidewalk will continue to be closed from Fairfield to Daphne during all watermain work.
  • Other utilities have upcoming work proposed in the area. Start date for this work in unknown at this time. The work will likely occur in January.

2022 Ditching Program

  • The 2022 Glendale Ditching project is expected to begin in September and run through the end of October. The project will consist of shaping and regrading of the existing ditches to improve drainage in the Crestwood subdivision. The project also requires some driveway and roadway culverts to be replaced to ensure proper drainage. Property owners will be notified ahead of time if there are any expected driveway closures.

Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)

WIS 57 and CTH PP Good Hope Road Limits Intersection

  • Projected to start March 2023