Tree Inventory

1Glendale will be starting its tree inventory today (March 8, 2021) and is anticipated to take about a month to complete. Davey is the City Forester and the contractor that will preform this service. This tree inventory is funded by a DNR grant that we received late last year.  

Tree inventories will help to define the current state of the City’s urban forestry program. This inventory will also provide critical data to help prioritize maintenance, create a proactive maintenance schedule, mitigate threats, and determine the best options for tree planting.  

Finally, Davey staff will only be working in the City’s right-of-way, categorizing City trees. The field inspectors will be wearing a hi-visibility vest and will have a Davey-issued ID badge while they are working in the field. 

To view the TreeKeeper Map, please visit This will be updated regularly as the inventory progresses.