Frequently Asked Questions

When will the new service begin?
The fully automated curb-side collection service will begin in early February.

What is the cost of the initial garbage and recycling collection cart?
None. The costs associated with the two carts are included in the 2014 City tax levy.

When will I receive the new carts?
The carts will be delivered to your home in late January.

What color are the carts?
The garbage cart is brown, and the recycling cart is green.

How much and where can I purchase additional carts?
Additional carts are $85.00 each. They may be purchased from GFL Environmental at any time.

What if I don’t want to use these carts or I already have similar carts?
The type of collection equipment requires the use of specific carts supplied by GFL Environmental. In addition, the designated cart color specifies whether the contents are garbage or recycling materials. RESIDENTS CANNOT USE YOUR EXISTING CONTAINERS. YOU MUST USE THE NEW CARTS!

What if someone steals my carts or they blow away?
The carts are designed to withstand regular winds. Because they are squared on the top part of the cart, they will not roll long distances. Contact the Glendale Police Department to report any theft. Additional replacement carts are available for purchase at the City Services Building.

What is the size of the carts?
The 96-gallon capacity container has dimensions of 46” (H) x 26” (W) x 34.5” (D). The wheels are completely nested under the cart for easier movement and balance.

What if I have large, bulky items such as a sofa or mattress for pickup?
Please call GFL Environmental directly at (262) 679-0860 to schedule a special pickup for items such as a sofa, chair or mattress.

What if I didn’t get my garbage or recycling out for collection by 7:00 a.m. and collection crews have already passed my home?
Please contact GFL Environmental at (262) 679-0860.

When should I place my carts at the curb?
City ordinance requires garbage and recycling containers be placed out and available for pick up by 7:00 a.m. the day of the pickup. It is recommended that carts be placed curbside no earlier than 5:00 p.m. the day before your scheduled pickup. Carts shall be returned by the occupant to the point of storage within twelve (12) hours after pickup.

Will my collection date change?
No. However, holidays may impact your collection day. Usually, holidays will push all collections back one day. For more information, contact GFL Environmental at (262) 679-0860.

Where should I put my trash and recycling carts for collection?
Do not place your carts in the street or in the ditch. You should place your carts at the end of your driveway within two feet of the edge of the street.

How much clearance should I have from obstacles, such as my mailbox, when placing my carts?
Please keep at least three (3) feet of clearance around each cart. The mechanical arm needs to have room to safely maneuver your carts for dumping and returning them to the curb. If your cart is too close to another obstacle for safe pick up, your cart may not be emptied.

What about in the winter when there is snow piled up? Where do I put my carts?
It is the responsibility of each property owner to maintain a cleared area for proper placement of the carts for pick up. Similar to current pickup protocol, if crews cannot access your collectables, they will not be picked up. 

What if the carts are too heavy and I can’t move them?
The carts are physically designed for ease of movement. They are easily tipped back allowing for transport. The wheels are designed for different terrain.

How many pounds can I place in my cart?
Because the mechanical arm will be picking up and dumping the cart, the 50-pound container limit no longer applies. The weight limit of the cart(s) is listed on the lid.

Does the lid have to be closed?
Yes, place your garbage or recycling into the carts in a way that allows you to properly close the lid. This will keep garbage from blowing around the neighborhood.

Can I put anything on top of the lid?
No, the lid should remain clear of debris.

Do I have to put my cart(s) out on the scheduled dates if they are not full?
No. This is entirely up to your household’s needs. The collection schedule allows for you to place your garbage cart out on a weekly basis and your recycling cart out on a bi-weekly basis for pickup. If you find that your carts do not need to be put out as scheduled, then adjust your personal pickup schedule accordingly. Example: You may wish to put garbage out every week but recycling only once a month.

Do I have to store my carts indoors?
You may store them in a less visible or convenient area outside alongside of your house or garage or you may store them inside your garage. Carts should be screened and out of view of the general public.

Who is responsible for maintaining the carts?
Refuse and recycling carts are the property of the City of Glendale and are maintained by the garbage and recycling contractor. The homeowner or resident is responsible for maintaining the carts and keeping them clean and in good repair. The carts are built for the purpose and should be nearly maintenance free with normal wear and tear.

Can I leave my carts at the end of the driveway at all times?
No, you are required to move them to a suitable storage location within 12 hours of pickup.

What is single-stream recycling?
Single-stream recycling simply means that all acceptable recyclable items are placed loose into the 96-gallon wheeled recycling cart and placed at the curb for automated collection. Recyclable items such as office paper, newspaper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic containers, glass jars, tin/steel cans, etc. are to be combined for collection.

Can I put yard waste in the carts as well?
No. Do not place yard waste in your 96-gallon wheeled carts. Yard waste should be placed in your private container and labeled yard waste.

Will I be receiving a cart for yard waste collection?
No. Yard waste will continue to be collected the same way. However, the City encourages all homeowners to use their old garbage and recycling containers for yard waste.

What can I do with my old garbage cans?
Homeowners can keep their old garbage cans for storage or use them for yard waste. In addition, the City will recycle your old garbage and recycling container should you no longer want to keep them.

How do I get more information? Who should I call?
City staff is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the change to a fully automated curb-side collection of refuse and recycling. Please call the Department of Public Works at (414) 228-1710. You may also contact GFL Environmental at (262) 679- 0860.


  • Carts should be placed roadside by 7:00 a.m. on the collection date.
  • Carts should be placed roadside no more than 12 hours prior to collection and removed from roadside within 12 hours after collection.
  • The arrows on the lid of the cart must point to the street.
  • Handles and wheels should face away from the street.
  • The garbage cart should be placed within 2 ft. of the street on one side of the driveway.
  • The recycle cart should be placed within 2 ft. of the street on the other side of the driveway.
  • Please keep 3 ft. of clearance between the carts and other objects, especially mailboxes and vehicles.


  • Bottled water costs between $1 and $4 per gallon, and 90 percent of the cost is in the bottle, lid and label.
  • 5 plastic bottles can be recycled to make a polyester T-shirt.
  • A used aluminum can be recycled and back on the grocery shelf as a new can in as fast as 60 days.
  • Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to keep a 100-watt bulb burning for almost four hours or run your television for three hours.
  • Reduce paper waste by using both sides of the paper and using scrap paper whenever possible.
  • Reuse canvas, paper, or plastic bags to bring home purchases.