WHEDA Homeownership Opportunities

Please visit WHEDA if you are interested in learning about the ease of obtaining a WHEDA loan, WHEDA down payment assistance, or a WHEDA mortgage credit certificate. On these pages, consumers may find:

  1. The Six Steps to Homeownership – which explain everything from getting a free copy of your credit report and understanding it, budgeting, how to determine a compatible WHEDA Lender, understanding how to determine the type of house to shop for, and the mortgage process from application to closing.
  2. Simple, easy to understand descriptions of WHEDA’s first mortgage and down payment assistance programs - so eligible consumers understand they can purchase a home using a WHEDA loan with little or NO money down – dispelling the myth that homeownership is something they will need a substantial down payment for.
  3. Helpful tools and resources to explain in simple terms all the factors that need to be taken into consideration beyond just buying a home. This helps consumers truly understand the responsibilities that come with home ownership after closing so they are fully prepared for the process. They are knowledgeable about the terms used, and the unanticipated costs of maintaining a home along with the many benefits that come with it. 
  4. Homebuyer Education and Landlord Education Providers directs consumers to professionals in all areas of Wisconsin who can assist them with everything from help with credit repair, steps to take to become eligible for homeownership if they currently are not, and even a link to FREE home buyer education through Framework Homeownership – a national home buyer education provider who is normally fee-based.