Snow Removal Procedures

Based upon the expected snowfall this season, we wish to remind you of the City's long-standing snow removal and salting policy.

Normally, the City does not plow streets unless the total accumulation of snow is 3 or more inches. Anything less is typically covered by salting operations.

Salting operations commence generally at the request of the Police Department or at the determination of the City Services Director based upon weather conditions.

Major thoroughfares have first priority. The City does not have a "bare street" program for residential areas. In other words, for residential streets, salting is typically reserved for intersections, hills, mid-blocks and curved roadways.

As much as many people would like, it is impossible for the City to schedule snow removal times to coincide with their respective snow shoveling or snow removal from their driveways. Plowing streets inevitably will put snow on property owner's driveway approaches. There is no other way to plow snow.

If possible, all major thoroughfares will be plowed and salted by morning. Residential side streets will not be completed until the major streets are completed.

As a reminder, the City does not plow or maintain County or State highways located within Glendale. Those streets include North Green Bay Avenue north of West Good Hope Road, West Good Hope Road from North Port Washington Road west to the City limits, West Mill Road, North Milwaukee River Parkway and North Port Washington Road from West Daphne Road north to the City limits.

The City's 10-person Public Works Department will do all that is humanly possible to clear all City streets in a timely fashion. All snow plowing, with the exception of alleys, is done by Public Works employees.

Property owners who have sidewalks will receive a reminder notice of their responsibility to remove snow and ice from their sidewalks. The City is responsible for snow removal on sidewalks that are located adjacent to or on bridges, railroad right-of-ways, and by agreement with Milwaukee County, the sidewalk on North Green Bay Avenue from West Mill Road north to West Green Tree Road.

Please have the appropriate amount of patience and understanding required in this type of climate, with the Public Works Department.