Leaf Collection

The City of Glendale will once again pick up leaves beginning mid October through November (contingent upon the weather) provided the following procedures are followed:

  1. Leaves raked to the curb and gutter, and road shoulder areas will be collected by the City of Glendale Department of Public Works.
  2. Leaves placed on City right-of-ways for City pickup should be raked in long narrow piles that are within reach of the leaf vacuum tube.
  3. Piles should not extend into traffic lanes, thereby creating traffic hazards.
  4. Leaves should not be placed around obstacles such as mail box posts, sign posts and light poles.
  5. Crews will not pick up leaves mixed with debris, grass clippings, logs, branches, rocks, plastic, metal or glass containers or any other type of refuse.
  6. Leaves should not be placed on City cul-de-sacs, vacant land or City property except on the public right-of-way along the curb and gutter, and road shoulder areas.

Roadways with Curbs and Gutters

Leaves should be placed on the pavement on the roadside of the curb. To prevent street flooding, do not place leaves on top of storm sewer grates.

Roadways with Shoulders

Leaves should be placed on the shoulder of the road and not extend into the roadway.

Roadways with Ditches

Leaves should be placed no farther than 4 feet from the edge of the pavement, but in no event shall they extend into the water flow line of the ditch.

Alley Collection

Leaf collection will no longer be made from "dead end" or "no outlet" alleys. 

*The City of Glendale encourages residents to mulch leaves. For more information on leaf mulching, please view here.