Right-of-Way Permits

Right-Of-Way Permits:

Please review the Right-of-Way Permit General Conditions prior to submittal (Updated 03/03/2021).

Temporary Encumbrance
Wireless Communication Systems

City of Glendale Code of Ordinances states, in part: 

6-2-2(c) Sidewalk Permit Required. No person shall lay, remove, replace or repair any public sidewalk within the City unless he is under contract with the City to do such work or has obtained a permit therefor at least three (3) days before work is proposed to be undertaken.

6-2-3(a) Excavations; Permit Required. No person, partnership or corporation, or their agents or employees or contractors, shall make or cause to be made any opening or excavation in any public street, public alley, public way, public ground, public sidewalk or City-owned easement within the City of Glendale without a permit therefor.

6-2-3(e) Renewal of Permit. If operations have begun under an approved permit and will continue beyond the validation period, the permittee shall apply for a permit renewal by request to the Director of Public Works and payment of a Fifty Dollar ($50.00) renewal permit fee for each fifteen (15) day extension period. Permit renewals shall be issued at the discretion of the Director of Public Works. 

6-2-3(g) Insurance Required. A permit shall be issued only upon condition that the applicant submit to the Director of Public Works satisfactory written evidence that applicant has in force and will maintain during the time the permit is in effect public liability insurance of not less than $500,000 per one (1) person, $500,000 for one (1) accident and property damage coverage of not less than $500,000. The policy shall name the City of Glendale as the third party insured.

6-3-1(b) Driveways; Permit Required. No person, firm or corporation shall construct, reconstruct, alter or enlarge any private driveway within the limits of the dedicated portion of any public street under the control and jurisdiction of the City of Glendale without first obtaining a permit therefor. Driveway permit applications shall be accompanied by a drawing accurately depicting the portion of the proposed private driveway to be constructed, reconstructed, altered or enlarged lying within the dedicated portion of the public street, the dimensions thereof, and a statement of the materials proposed to be used.

9.4.3(b) Wireless Communication Systems; Use of Right-of-Way: Permit Required. All new installations or structural alterations of such facilities shall require a permit to be issued by the City of Glendale. Such permit review shall be placed under the authority of the City Administrator, Director of City Services, or their designate. The permit fee shall be in addition to and separate from any other applicable electrical or building permits required under State or Local law. In the event of a knockdown, the City of Glendale is not liable or responsible for immediate re-installation of the small cell unit and/or pole.

9.4.3 & 6.2.3.(f) Deposits. Prior to the issuance of a permit involving excavations, a deposit for street repairs shall be made to the City Treasurer. Not less than one hundred eighty (180) days after the proper completion of the work for which said deposit was made, said deposit shall be returned upon order of the City Engineer, unless, in the opinion of the Common Council, it shall be necessary to correct, complete or supplement said work, in which event said deposit for any work thereof may be retained to pay costs for completion of said work, without prejudice to any right of remedy which the City of Glendale may have against any person or persons doing such work. Deposits shall be required along with payment of the application fee. NOTE: Deposits may be increased at the discretion of the Director of Public Works. 

Street Deposit: Excavation on asphalt street $1,000.00 per opening
Street Deposit: Excavation on concrete street $3,000.00 per opening 
Boring Deposit $3,000.00 per opening