Arcade License

No person, firm or corporation shall operate an arcade containing five (5) or more amusement devices for the primary use and entertainment of the public without first having obtained a license therefore, as provided in Section 7, Chapter 5, City Ordinances.

Submit to: 

City Clerk, City of Glendale
5909 N. Milwaukee River Parkway
Glendale, WI 53209-3815
(414) 228-1718 

Print or type in ink. Provide a complete answer for each question.

Additional Requirements 

A licensed arcade operator must be on the licensed premises at all times during the hours the arcade is open to the public. A separate application and fee is required for each Arcade Operator.


$250.00 Annual Fee

Additional Fees

$15.00 background investigation report for each person named on application.

Late Penalty

A double fee will be assessed on all delinquent applications.


License shall have a term of one (1) year commencing on July 1st and expiring on June 30th of each year. If granted subsequent to July 1 in any given year, license shall expire on June 30 after issuance.