Brush and Yard Waste Collection

You must have your yard waste out by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day. Yard waste collection will be done throughout your collection week, but we can not guarantee pick-up if placed out after 7:00 a.m. on Monday. Collection begins March 27 for A week and April 3 for B week. 

For specific Yard Waste Bundling Guidelines, please click here.  

Yard Waste Program

What is Yard Waste?

Yard Waste includes:

  • Leaves
  • Tree limbs or branches that shall not exceed four (4) inches in diameter or more than four (4) feet in length
  • Brush or vegetative matter resulting from landscaping maintenance.  

When is Yard Waste Picked up?

  • Yard Waste is picked up bi-weekly. Please see the Yard Waste Collection Map to determine your collection week. Yard Waste must be out before 7:00 a.m. on the day of your regular garbage pick-up. Collection begins March 28 for A week and April 4 for B week. 
  • GFL Environmental (the City's refuse collector) will collect Yard Waste on your collection week starting the week of March 28 and ending the week of November 14, 2022. Residents do not have to call in and are not charged for the brush and yard waste collection during this period. Residents with questions about the program may contact GFL Environmental’ s Customer Service at their toll-free number (262) 679-0860. 

Guidelines for Yard Waste Pick-up

  • Residents can place no more than three (3) cubic yards of Yard Waste at the curb for pick-up. The Yard Waste collection program is not a tree removal service.
  • All Yard Waste must be placed in sturdy paper bags suitable for containing Yard Waste or in other suitable containers clearly marked “YARD WASTE,” excluding carts or plastic bags.  The weight of each container must not exceed fifty (50) pounds. If Yard Waste is not placed in a suitable container, the branches shall be tied in a bundle weighing not more than fifty (50) pounds.
  • NO GRASS CLIPPINGS will be collected. Residents are encouraged to use mulching mowers or compost their own grass clippings.
  • The following materials WILL NOT be collected: stumps; root systems or parts of roots attached to brush; brush mixed with garden debris; brush generated from site clearing activities; materials resulting from tree pruning or removal at an address other than the collection point; and tree branches greater than 4" in diameter and 4' in length.
  • Yard Waste must be placed at the edge of the road, curb or alley (the same location as garbage pick-up) abutting your property only, not extending onto pavement.  

How can Residents Dispose of Tree Branches and Logs Greater than 4" in Diameter?

  • Offer to friends and neighbors for firewood
  • Put a “Free Wood” sign on the pile (maximum size of sign cannot exceed 4 square feet)
  • Contract with a private tree contractor

How Can Residents Dispose of Stumps?

  • Hire a private tree contractor to grind the stump