Moving to Glendale

Glendale boasts a rich assortment of single-family residential homes nestled in quiet neighborhoods. These range from large, spacious, suburban executive lots with frontage on the Milwaukee River to quaint turn-of-the-century-style neighborhoods. All located just minutes away from three large Milwaukee County Parks (Kletzsch, Lincoln and Brown Deer), connected together by Milwaukee County's Oak Leaf Bicycle Trail network.

In addition to attractive single-family residential neighborhoods, Glendale offers a variety of multi-family developments including condominiums, apartments, senior apartments, and assisted living units. Depending on individual needs and tastes, a complete range of single-family residential homes, multi-family condominiums and apartments are available. Single-family residential housing ranges in price from $75,000 to $475,000. Most single-family homes are priced between $100,000 and $300,000. 

For young families, Glendale's school district (Glendale-River Hills, Maple Dale and Nicolet High School) offers top quality public educational enrichment for children from K-4 to 12. Nicolet High School students consistently attain the highest levels of achievement, as demonstrated by ACT test scores and in the percentage of students who go on to colleges and universities.

Retail Centers

Glendale's residential neighborhoods are also located within a few minutes drive of nearby retail centers, such as the Bayshore Town Center. Employers in Glendale business parks and districts make the convenience of living and working within the same community a real possibility. For those who reside in Glendale, have children in Glendale schools, and work at businesses in Glendale or nearby communities, there is an ease of living and quality of life that affords the time to enjoy daily life.

Become a Lifelong Resident

For young professionals or couples with young families, Glendale offers a port of entry into a world of professional careers and homeownership and presents opportunities to move into larger quarters as careers advance and families grow. Once Glendale's ease of living and quality of life are discovered, including excellent public schools, access to parks and outdoor recreation, and distinctive retail centers, the decision to stay is natural, as evidenced by Glendale's many long-term residents.